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One Man Tried To Stop Holocaust But The Western Allies Were Not Interested In It

‘Our underground authorities are absolutely sure that the Germans are out to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe.’- an Special Envoy from occupied Poland informed President of the United States.

Poles and Jews

Many Poles were indifferent to the fate of the Jews; some were glad to be rid of them; and some participated in the slaughter. But others risked their lives (and some lost theirs) trying to save their Jewish neighbors.

Russian Cold War Tactics Must Be Put In Check

Russia will continue to further its own national security objectives and agenda.

The Supreme Example of Meekness and Might

The humblest and most selfless of men was also a man of great courage, power, and dominion.

Beware of Self-Appointed Experts on Russia. They Are Provocateurs

First they ignored anti-Russian critics. Then they mocked them. Now, they became provocateurs.

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A New China, Democratic, Free and Peaceloving Shall Stand Tall in the Orient

” It is a life and death fight of the populace against a handful of demogogues, traitors and tyrants. It is a war against darkness and for light. The dictators and tyrants have long sensed their final days.”

Chinese People Are Demanding Truth and Justice

On this date 25 years ago, in 1989, the first protests began that resulted two months later in the infamous Tiananmen Square massacre.

First Chinese Rabbi

An awakening of sorts has taken place, especially among the younger generation of Kaifeng Jewish descendants, many of whom wish to learn more about their heritage and reclaim their roots.

Jews and Islam

The Golden Age of the Jews in the Middle East and in the Middle Ages was under Moslim rule and not under Christian rule. Under the Christian rule Jews were persecuted unmercifully. The Dark Ages were not only Dark Ages for Europe but also for the Jews says Berel Wein

The label tolerance became an excuse for clear thinking

When really seriously, hard core Islam encounters that submissive, surrendering “Please forgive me” type of attitude from Christians. It’s not interpreted as a sign of grace in many cases, it’s not that heart melting moment, where the radical Muslim says “Oh, this is what love is like”. But rather, it is interpreted as “Yes, of course we are superior, of course you are guilty” – emphasizes Dr. Mark Durie , theologian human rights defender and pastor.

Is the Koran of the Judeo-Christian sources? Should Christians read the Koran?

There seems to be popular view that major Biblical themes are absent in Koran. Many Authors and Speakers ignore basic facts about Islam: what Koran teaches about the Jewish nation, Christians and Sabbat.

Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon had been present at, or involved in, practically every seminal moment in modern Israel’s history. From pre-state Israel and Israel’s wars of survival, to politics and the disengagement plan, Sharon has played a highly significant role in shaping Israel’s future.


Pesach Dahvid Stadlin is a musician, artist, poet and representative of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders & The Jerusalem Peacemakers.

Netanyahu: “We attack those who attack us.”

This is what has led to – in the past year and over the last five years – a low level of terrorism.

The Problem Is The Monetary System That Brings Greedy and Crooked About

Money can be used by the few, who control it to supress the natural creativity of people. It can be used to achieve economic liberation and prosperity for all affected by the money economy.

Every Person Should Be Turned Into A Capital Owner Through “Pure Credit”

The term “productivity” is used to justify higher and higher worker compensation causing the demand for labor to decrease and costs as well as prices to increase. This term should be replaced by “productiveness” argues Dr. Norman Kurland .

Justice Is Not Charity. The Basis of Just Third Way

Like every system, economic justice involves input, output, and feedback for restoring harmony or balance between input and output says Dr. Norman Kurland .

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